Qualification requirements of the specialty: General qualification requirements on the Master students’ readiness, the requirement for the subjects’ blocks, and also for scientific activities are provided in the State educational standard “The general requirements to the necessary contents and level of Master students’ readiness on specialties on the basis of the bachelor degree “Finance”.

Short description of the curriculum: Master educational programs are developed to provide continuity with bachelor educational programs and cover the following obligatory blocks:

– General-methodological subjects;

– Subjects on specialty;

– Scientific activity.

Educational programs along with obligatory subjects include also optional subjects. Mastering of the educational programs also involves self-education of master students on a number of issues or problems on subject matters.
The block of general-methodological subjects provides knowledge of national idea and philosophical questions of humanitarian, technical and natural science; forms representation of global problems of mankind, spiritual life, needs of the personality and society; humane characteristic of education; modern civilization and directions of its development; information systems and methods of representation of knowledge; forms skills and abilities of work with scientific and scientific – technical information; provides knowledge of methodology of scientific creativity, the general methods of knowledge, methods of empirical and theoretical research, logic of laws and rules, ways of the refutation.

Subjects of this block:

  1. Methodology of scientific researches.
  2. National idea: basic concepts and principles.
  3. Management of information systems.
  4. Practical English.
  5. Innovative models of a socio – economic development.

The block on subjects of specialty forms theoretical and practical knowledge, skills on concrete specialty; develops skills of creation, accumulation and use of the knowledge based on the specialty; provides knowledge, skills of performance on Master research work, modeling of processes and systematic approach in achievement of target results of a professional activity.


Subjects of this block:

Subjects on the general-professional integrated course:

  1. Macroeconomic and investment policy.
  2. Budget system of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  3. International financial institutions and capital markets
  4. Audit of financial statements.
  5. System of treasury execution of the State Budget.

Subjects of the integrated specialty course:

  1. management of state targeted funds
  2. Budget – tax policy
  3. Local finance.
  4. Government debt management.

Elective courses:

  1. Practical managerial accounting.
  2. System of the interbudget transfers
  3. Management of corporate finance
  4. Analysis of a financial position of economic entities.
  5. Financial law.

The block of scientific activity provides to study of methodology of scientific researches, performance of concrete scientific research and scientific-pedagogical works in the professional and educational institutions by master students.

Functions of this block:

  1. Research activities including qualification practice.
  2. The master thesis preparation.

Qualification practice, training and final attestation. According to the specialty curriculum “Public Finance Management” five-week qualification practice (including foreign training) is provided in the leading financial institutions, including foreign banks, specialized institutions, universities or scientific centers.

Master educational program ends with Final State Attestation according to the state educational standard on the specialty “Public Finance Management”. It consists of tests on “Practical English” and “the Interdisciplinary subject”, and also preparation and public protection of the master thesis.

The Schedule of educational process: Education term – 14 months which include: theoretical education – 36 weeks, attestation – 3 weeks, training – 5 weeks, preparation of the master thesis – 9 weeks, final state attestation – 3 weeks, vacation – 5 weeks.