Qualification requirements of the specialty: General qualification requirements on the Master student’s readiness, requirements for units of subjects, as well as, scientific activities are provided in the State educational standard “The general requirements to the necessary content and level of preparation of masters on specialties based on the direction of formation of the bachelor degree “Finance”.

Short description of the curriculum: Educational programs of master course are developed considering to ensure continuous educational programs of the bachelor degree course and to study following compulsory subjects:

– Methodological subjects;

– Subjects on specialty;

– Scientific work.

Educational programs along with obligatory subjects include also disciplines at the choice of undergraduates. At development of educational programs is provided a self-education of undergraduates on a number of questions or problems of subject matters.

Methodological subjects provides knowledge of the national idea and philosophical matters of humanitarian, technical and natural sciences; creates an idea of global problems of mankind, spiritual life, personality and society requirements; human nature of education; modern civilization and directions of its development; information systems and methods of f knowledge view; creates skills and abilities of work with scientific and scientific and technical information; provides knowledge of methodology of scientific creativity, common methods of knowledge, methods of an empirical and theoretical research, logic of laws and rules, methods of the argumentation and contradiction.

Subjects of the given unit:

  1. Methodology of scientific research.
  2. National idea: basic concepts and principles.
  3. Management of information systems.
  4. Practical English language.
  5. Innovative models of social and economic development.

The block of disciplines of speciality forms theoretical and practical knowledge, skills of concrete speciality; develops skills of creation, accumulation and use of the knowledge base in the speciality; provides knowledge, ability and skills of performance of the research work in magistracies, modeling of processes and system approach in achievement of target results in professional activity.

Subjects of this block:

Subjects of the general-professional integrated course:

  1. Macroeconomic and investment policy.
  2. Budget system of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  3. International financial institutions and capital markets.
  4. Public Finance Management.
  5. Investment portfolio management.

Subjects of the integrated course of speciality :

  1. Exchange business.
  2. Operations on securities market.
  3. Regulation of the securities trading.
  4. Antimonopoly policy and management of the prices.

Elective courses:

  1. Management of the corporate finances.
  2. Practical management accounting.
  3. Fundamental and technical analysis.
  4. Analysis of a financial condition of subjects of economy.
  5. Financial law.

The block of scientific activity provides development of methodology of the scientific research, performance by undergraduates of concrete research and scientific and pedagogical work in main scientific and educational institutions.

Kinds of activity of this block:

  1. Research work.

including qualification practice.

  1. Preparation of the master dissertation.

Qualification practice, training and final assessment. According to the curriculum of speciality “Corporate Finance and Security Market” is provided five-week qualification practice (including a foreign training) in the lead bank and exchange agencies, including in foreign banks, specialized agencies, universities or scientific centers.

The educational program of a magistracy comes to the end with  State Final Attestation according to the state educational standard of speciality “Corporate Finance and Security Market”. Final State Attestation consists of certification testing on “Practical English” and “Interdisciplinary” subject, and also preparation and public protection of the master dissertation.

Schedule of educational process: Academic term – 14 months  which include: theoretical training – 36 weeks, certification – 3 weeks, a training – 5 weeks, preparation of the master dissertation – 9 weeks, Final State Attestation – 3 weeks, educational vacation – 5 weeks.