History of establishment and development.

History of the department “Investments” is closely connected with the history of the Banking and Finance Academy. The department was re-established in 2005 by merging two departments –“Investment projects financing” and “Securities market and stock exchange”. In 2012  the department  “Investment projects finance” was renamed as the Department of “Investments”.
The department is one of the leading departments of the Academy, as well as educating master students on the specialty “Investments Management” and “Corporate finance and securities  market”.The department performs a wide range of activities aimed at preparation of masters and doctors of sciences, retraining and qualification upgrading of managers and specialists in the field of investments and corporate finance.

The main objective of the department is training highly qualified specialists in the field of project finance and securities market, the development of fundamental and applied problems in the theory, methodology and practice of investments management and corporate finance in commercial banks and enterprises of the real sector.

The department also conducts educational and methodological provision of training and retraining courses for managers and specialists in the field of investments management, corporate finance and securities market.

Specialties for training:

Master course program: Investment management, corporate finance and securities.

Doctoral Program: Finance, money circulation and credit.

The department is also actively involved in the training of specialists in the field finance, banking and tax.

The teaching staff and scientific-research capabilities of the “Investments” Department:

1. Abutalipov Mars Fuatovich, Senior Lecturer, Acting Head of Department.

2. Valentin Antonovich Kotov, Ph.D., Associate Professor.

3. Sirojiddinov Nishanboy Sirojiddinovich, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

4. Butabaev Mehriddin Shahobidinovich, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor.

5. Fayazov Jahongir Mahamadjanovich, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
6. Musabekov Djorabek Hakimjanovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

7. Muminov Bekzod Shuhratovich, Senior Lecturer.

8. Rasulov Nodir Murodjanovich, Senior Lecturer (a graduate of the University of Loughborough, England).

9. Rustamov Habib Khamidovich, Assistant Professor (a graduate of Karl Marx University, Germany).
10. Akhmedov Bakhtiar Tursunalievich, Scientific Researcher

11. Oteuliev Azamat Abylkasymovich, Scientific Researcher

Results of activities:

In the field of the educational process, we strongly emphasize on interactive educational technologies, the use of modern educational presentation and multimedia equipment. The department also actively runs workshops devoted to new information technologies, such as the training of professional analytical reports, case studies, discussions, etc.In a short time of functioning, the teaching staff of the department has prepared 6 textbooks, 12 educational-methodological complexes, and 12 innovative educational workbooks.

The basic strategic goal of the department in the field of research is the development of basic and applied research on the macro and micro levels, carried out with the involvement of interested organizations and increasing participation of talented young scientists in the research of current banking problems. In the field of scientific research the department has prepared 2 doctors of sciences and 6 candidates of sciences, prepared 2 monographs, over 250 scientific articles and other publications.Members of the department are actively involved in international and national scientific conferences and seminars organized by the BFA and its partners.

International relations and grants

The department supports active scientific and educational relations with the Policy Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance of Japan, Luxembourg Financial Technology Transfer Agency, the German University of Applied Sciences of Bremerhaven, Higher School of Economics and Management (the Czech Republic), etc. 5 members of the department have participated in training courses in the above-mentioned structures over the past 6 years.
The department is actively involved in the development of research projects of the Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Researchers have developed such applied projects as “Improvement of the investment activities of banks in the financial and industrial groups,” as well as 3 state budget projects.During 2012-2014 the department has been developing grant of the above-mentioned Committeeonthetopic“Enhancing the participation of commercial banks in investment projects financing”

Connection with the industrial sector, practice and training.

Over the years of functioning of the department 55 master students and researchers have participated in summer schools in leading foreign universities and research centers, banking and financial institutions in Japan, Germany, India, Italy, China, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia and Turkey.Master students of the department also have an upgrading qualification and training courses in the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the commercial banks, and other financial, credit and investment institutions and ministries, agencies and large enterprises of the real sector of economy of the republic.

Graduates and their career achievements.

The department is proud of its graduates, including:

– Juraev I.N, Head of  Kashkadarya regional department of the State Committee on Privatization, De-monopolization and Development of Competition of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– Kamaletdinov U.M, Head of Methodology Department of the State Committee on the of Privatization, De-monopolization and Development of Competition of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– Sim MG, chief specialist of the Office of the State Register of the Center for Coordination and Control of the operation of the securities market.