Brief history. The faculty was established according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 445 “On establishing the Taxation faculty in the Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

The main goals and objectives of the faculty. The main aim of the faculty is the organization of training of highly qualified personnel with the academic degree of “Master of Economics” and the scientific degree of “Doctor of Sciences” with the requirements of the state educational standards, guidelines and requirements of the State tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, State requirements for postgraduate education, the requirements of the Committee for Coordination of Science and Technology of the Republic of Uzbekistan, of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the latest standards and trends in the world economy, science and education areas.In accordance with the aim thefaculty is supposed to organize a qualitative educational process, academic, methodological and scientific-research activities of the teaching staff, researchers and master students.

Specialties for training. The “Taxation” faculty delivers courses on the followingspecialty: “Taxes and Taxation”.The scientific degree of the Doctor of Sciences is awarded on the following specialties:

– 08.00.07 – Finance, money circulation and credit.

– 08.00.08 – Accounting, economic analysis and audit.

Structure and scientific-research capabilities of the faculty. “Taxation” faculty comprises such department as “Taxes and Taxation”. The teaching staff of the faculty consists of 16 teachers, including 4 professors and doctors of sciences, 7 associate professors and PhDs and 5 senior lecturers.

International relations department. “Taxation” faculty has the task of organizing a targeted and efficient activity in the field of training, research and cultural exchange on relevant specialties, and to establish mutually beneficial relationships with interested agencies.
In this regard, the faculty maintains close academic and cultural links with universities and research centers in the world, as the Policy Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance of Japan, Luxembourg Financial Technology Transfer Agency, Keio University, Japan, London Metropolitan University and the Department of “Taxes and Taxation” of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

National partners of the faculty. We have a fruitful with ministries, agencies and companies such as the State Tax Committee of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and we have also established partnership relations with tax, banking and financial centers of Japan, Great Britain, Holland, Hong Kong, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Latvia, Russia, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

The achievements of the faculty. The results of the educational and research activities of the faculty members are reflected in developed 20textbooks and manuals, 11educational-methodological complexesin the field of taxes and taxation.

Currently “Taxation” faculty has created a perfect educational, scientific, methodological, information and resource base, which is in line with international standards, which successfully combines national and international standards of banking for effective and comprehensive training of master students. In addition, the teachers of the faculty are the authors of 10 books, over 100 scientific articles and other publications on current issues of taxes and taxation.

The honor of the faculty. “Taxation” department of is proud of its graduates, including:

–  Sh.A.Toshmatov, PhD, Professor, Head of the “Finance” Department, the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– I.M.Niyazmetov, Ph.D., Acting Head of Department “Taxes and taxation” of the Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– Sh.M.Sobirov, Ph.D., Head, Department of State Property Committee;

– A.R.Muhamedhodjaev, Ph.D., who works in the real sector of the economy in managementposition;
– N. Norboy, who works in the Office of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– M.Ismoilov, Head of the State Tax Administration of Syrdarya region;

– A.Mirzaev, executive officer of the Cabinet of Ministers, he worked as a Head of the State Tax Administration of Surhandarya region;

– M.M.Boyqulov, a Deputy Head of the State Tax Administration, Surhandarya region.