The Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan comprises two publishing divisions:

– Publishing Department in the structure of the BFA established in 1998;

– “Finance” Publishing House performing its activity under the license (AI № 172 dated from June 11, 2010), issued by the Cabinet of Ministers and the certificate of registration № 10-0783 dated from November, 30.2009, issued by the Agency for Press and Information of the Republic Uzbekistan.

The aim of publishing activity is:

  • to publish educational materials, meeting modern requirements for training Masters and PhD n Economics;
  • the issue scientific – theoretical, as well as  scientific – practical editions, reflecting the development of scientific thought, researching general laws of modern market mechanisms and the specific directions of the economy development of our country;
  • to publish popular scientific publications aimed at enhancing the economic literacy of the general public.

The editorial in a creative dialogue with the authors facilitate publishing high-quality printed products, both in content and design.

All publications are presented in electronic versions of the PDF file in the Intranet of the BFA to be used by master students, researches, doctoral students, trainees of the retraining faculty and the teaching staff of the Academy.

The Publishing Department maintains its publishing and printing activities in accordance with the annual plan of the BFA approved by the rector. This plan takes into account plans for publications of the academic departments of the BFA, necessity of the academic process to provide master students with textbooks and workbooks. Interests of external authors, scientists-economists, and specialists of the republic are also taken into consideration. The Publishing Department is preparing for publishing academic programs, textbooks, workbooks, hand-outs, and technical materials.

Publishing office “Finance” has been operating in accordance with the functions and responsibilities of the license agreement, regulations of the BFA and the Publishing Department. The publishing office “Finance” is preparing for publishing textbooks, workbooks, dictionaries, monographs, reference books, materials for information technologies for higher educational institutions, colleges and academic lyceums, and abstracts of scientific conferences on banking, finance, tax, social and legal sectors of economics and economy. Employees of the publishing house are responsible for a complete pre-publishing procedure: work with the manuscript, editing, proofreading, design and creation of the original edition of the layout, design, selection and processing of provided illustrative materials. All activities are performed under the strict quality control and deadlines for each stage.

During the period of its activity the Publishing Office “Finance” has prepared for publishing more than 100 books, textbooks, monographs, collections of abstracts and other printed materials. The full name the publishing office is a “Publishing Office “Finance” of the Banking and Finance Academy”. Its address is: 100000, Tashkent, Mirzo Ulugbek district, Movaraunnahr street, 16.  Office telephone: 237-54-34.

According to the decision of the scientific council of the BFA from September 27, 2012 the Center for Digital Operational Printing is supposed to be set up in 2013. It involves purchasing of modern printing equipment, and sophisticated high-quality office equipment of the new generation.