One of the main components of educating master students in the Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a targeted and well-planned organization of the self-education. About 40% of the total number of academic assignments is executed by the students independently.

Self-education of master students includes both activities with materials in accordance with the curricula subjects and performance of team work and term papers, and research activities in the framework of the preparation of the master’s dissertation.

Currently, the BFA widely practices the following forms of targeted organization of follow-up activities of the master students:

1. Individual activity and a team work in accordance with the curricula subjects, with a special emphasis on the team work and presentations of the results to the commission.

2. Interactive extracurricular  presentations, meetings with leading experts, open-class and challenging lectures by leading professors, master classes of professionals and experienced executives in the banking and financial sector, including international level experts.

3. Weekly round-table discussions, presentations and testing of interim results of the master’s dissertations, preparing for public presentations, defense of projects and ideas.

4. Individual work in the framework of the term paper in certain subjects under the curriculum with the focus on developing research skills, ability to collect and analyze empirical data and elaborating practical recommendations.

5. Participating in training courses both in domestic institutions and abroad with the aim of studying modern and best practices in the chosen specialty, developing practical management skills and qualifications to work in management positions in the banking and financial sector.

6. Participating in scientific conferences and seminars, including the annual October conference for Academy’s students, preparation of publications (at least 2 research papers or abstracts) in national and international scientific journals.

7. Research activity in the preparation and defense of the master’s thesis under the guidance of the supervisor, participating in the interim and final workshops in accordance with the calendar of training and public defense of the dissertation research.

One of the innovative forms of targeted and efficient organization of extracurricular time beginning from 2012-2013 academic year is interactive English classes with the participation of leading experts and native speakers. This form is based on the method of “immersion in the language”, and gives the results for the accelerated development of conversation practice, vocabulary development, and most importantly, creating a language environment and reduces the barrier for a free communication.

The BFA has adopted a rating system of assessment of master students’ self-education (100 points maximum). Scores gained by the students are taken into account in the final assessment of their knowledge, defense of term papers and master’s dissertations.