Monographs and textbooks on the state grant prepared by professors and teachers of the Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan were published as follows:

  1. Gafurov Yu.V., Akhunzhanov Yu.M., Yuldashev D.T, Yusupov B.A, Faizullaev S.H. Use of entrepreneurial potential in the expansion of middle class owners in Uzbekistan. – T .: Finance, 2017. – 224 p.
  2. Rakhimova H.U. E-commerce in Uzbekistan: state, problems and ways of development. Edited by Doctor of Economic Sciences, prof. A.Sh. Bekmuradov, Monograph. – T .: Finance, 2017.-112 p.
  3. Kotov V.A, Butabaev M.Sh., Problems and ways of investment security of key enterprises of Uzbekistan. Monograph. -Т .: “Finance”, 2017. – 246 p.
  4. Niyazmetov I.M. Tax system of Uzbekistan: problems and ways of their improvement. Monograph. – Tashkent: “Finance”, 2017. – 166 p.
  5. Berdiyarov B.T. Prospects for applying the requirements of the Basel Committee to banking supervision in the banking practice of Uzbekistan. Monograph – Tashkent: 2017. – 162 p.
  6. Ibragimov A.K, Karimov A.A, Rizaev N.K, Imamova N.M – International Financial Reporting Standards / Study guide – T .: “Finance”, 2018 – 296 p.
  7. Karieva D.E. English for Masters in Economics. Study guide.- T .: “Finance”, 2018. -155 p.

With the electronic version of these monographs and teaching guides you can find on the site “”.