Ўзбекистон Республикаси Банк-молия академияси профессор-ўқитувчилари томонидан Профессионал ривожланиш мактаби (CPD) гуруҳи тингловчилари учун инглиз тилида алоҳида маъруза дарслари ташкил этилади.

Инглиз тилидаги дарсларни профессор-ўқитувчилар томонидан қуйидаги мавзуларда бўлиб ўтади:

List of topics for CPD (Centre for Professional Development) group of students Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Name and Family name Position Topic
1. Jumaev N.X. Professor Currency policy of the Central Bank (foreign experience)
2. Rakhimova Kh.U. Associate Professor Modern Payment System in Uzbekistan: Status and Problems
3. Absalomov А.Т. Senior Lecturer Interest rate channel of monetary transmission mechanism
4. Khotamov К.R. Head of Department Necessity of accounting and audit in management
5. Ахмеджанов К.Б. Professor International experience and audit regulation system in Uzbekistan
6. Aktamov Sh.R. Associate Professor The role of scientific research in management
7. Hannaev Sh.Q. Senior Lecturer Econometric methods of measuring efficiency of commercial banks
8. Abutalipov M.F. Senior Lecturer Use of duration in investment portfolio risk management.
9. Rasulov N.M. Senior Lecturer Foreign Banks in emerging economies of eastern Europe
10. Zokirjonov M.R. Assistant Lecturer Assessment of risks in investment projects.
11. Rakhmonov D.A. Head of Department Integration of Uzbekistan into the global economy
12. Kurbanov Kh.А. Associate Professor Finance and finance system
13. Коmilov М.М. Associate Professor Types and Forms of Reinsurance.Types of Proportional Reinsurance
14. Khaydarov Kh.Т. Senior Lecturer Investment policy of pension funds (foreign experience).
15. Muradullaev N.M. Senior Lecturer Management of personal insurance business. Anderrayting process in
Agricultural insurance
16. Niyazmetov I.M. Head of Department General specification of the tax system of Uzbekistan