Our mission is to train modern managers and conduct advanced researches in various areas of finance and banking

The Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan (BFA) is the modern higher education and research institution in Central Asia, with a short but interesting history and traditions, the leading institution of the Republic of Uzbekistan in various fields of finance, banking and tax affairs, investment and insurance business.

The independent state of Uzbekistan is a great historic achievement of the Uzbek people. Proclamation of the state sovereignty of our country in 1991 has set up a solid foundation that contributed to the establishment of our Academy in 1996.

The Academy unites a team of professors, staff and students, aimed at providing a modern and professional education, efficient fundamental, applied and innovative research.

Today, we offer the latest educational standards, technologies and pedagogical practices of training, research, and a broad cultural awareness among graduates and researchers.

Professors and teachers, undergraduates and researchers are provided with a modern education, teaching and research facilities and an extensive infrastructure of information and communication technologies. Numerous Internet terminals, information resource centers, computer and software training programs continuously serve our students and researchers.

We offer a wide range of academic and professional academic curricula of master’s courses in finance and banking, as well as university research programs for obtaining a PhD degree.


At present, our Academy has about 50 teachers, including 10 doctors of sciences and professors, 27 candidates of sciences and associate professors. 17 teachers and staff members of the Academy have scientific and academic degrees obtained in leading universities of the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, Belgium and the Republic of Korea. About 100 employees of the BFA, serving the process of education and research, work in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect.

We are intending to continue our further development, expansion and improvement taking into account new challenges, prospects and opportunities. In this regard, we are rapidly introducing modern educational standards and advanced teaching techniques and information technologies for the training of economists, financiers, bankers, and business professionals, and to conduct fundamental, applied and innovative researches on the major problems of economic development, finance, banking and investment.

Our greatest asset is our master students and young researchers, competitive, initiative, creative and eager to obtain basic and advanced skills and knowledge, to know the world around us. As our respected  President Islam Karimov has said, “Our children must be cleverer, stronger, wiser, and, of course, happier than we are”.   We create and use all possible and necessary, what our master students, researchers and teaching staff expect from us. This is our main mission and a prior goal.

We have much to be proud of. Moreover, we are looking forward to further interesting and promising programs and projects. We are trying to do our best to make the Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan one of the leading higher education and research institutions, not only in our country but also abroad.

Having read about our grand programs we do hope that you will become a member of our family, the family of BFA!